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All data Infostrada Sports collects and manages is available for analysis. Through its Analytics Services, Infostrada Sports offers decision makers the tools to perform extensive analyses on Infostrada Sports’ database with the goal of using the analyses’ outcomes for management and decision making purposes. Infostrada Sports also integrates extended data sets from third parties to allow for even more comprehensive and customised analyses.

Examples of clients making use of analytics services are United States Olympic Committee, Australian Sports Commission, NOC-NSF and UK Sport.

Infostrada Sports’ prime products is Podium, an innovative online application built on the extensive database. Podium enables clients to make results analyses to support decision making.

Besides regular sports data, Podium also contains Paralympic- and youth results. Infostrada Sports can provide specialized solutions for a specific sport or event, e.g. Infostrada Sports offers an Asian Games version of Podium. This makes Podium the ideal tool for International Federations and National Olympic Committees. 12 out of the top 20 Olympic Nations use it daily to assist in their sports policy

Based on historical data on results, Infostrada Sports is able to provide guidance regarding potential medal winners for upcoming Olympic Games, which is presented by means of a virtual medal table. Furthermore, Infostrada Sports operates a World Sports Index and a Euro Club Index. The World Sports Index is an indexed ranking of every nation in the world based on results (both team and individual). The Euro Club Index is specifically geared toward European football clubs and helps predict future performance

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