Infostrada Sports offers unique data and media services to the sports industry.

Infostrada Sports manages the world’s largest sports database, covering over 250 sports worldwide, historical and live. For a selected overview of events for which Infostrada Sports offers data, media, analytic and event services, check out the Infostrada Sports Calendar

Among others, Infostrada Sports’ partners consist of sports federations, national Olympic committees, event organisers, rights agencies, broadcasters, media publishers, brands and app developers.

Infostrada Sports is committed to delivering world class sports data, editorial and intelligence to engage audiences and support sport policy.

Find a detailed overview of all our Services below.

Data Services

Infostrada Sports is the world leader in collecting, managing and analysing sports data and information for every professional sport. The data is published on any platform, in any desired format and at any time. The database contains information on results & rankings, athletes & teams and much more.

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Media Services

Infostrada Sports’ Media Services delivers the highest quality information to sports media professionals. The content is not only ideal for editorial desks, journalists and live commentators, but is also excellent for websites, use on social media and media guides.

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Analytics Services

Through its Analytics Services, Infostrada Sports offers decision makers the tools to perform extensive analyses on Infostrada Sports’ database with the goal of using the analyses’ outcomes for management and decision making purposes.

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Event Services

Organising Committees and Federations rely on Infostrada Sports to provide a wealth of information on their event, the sports and the athletes for media to use so they can cover the event best they can in print, online and on TV.

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